Turn Your Soul On Masterclass

Activate, Elevate, Transform, Manifest!

~Turn Your Soul On ~


A 4-month Masterclass 

ELEVATE Yourself to a New Standard!

Ready for Deep Soulful Transformation 

and to Up-Level Yourself to a New Standard?

It's time to stop compromising... 


Your struggle... be it weight, emotional turmoil, chronic pain or whatever else, is an agreement you have made with yourself and IT'S TIME TO STOP.  

You've been missing a piece of the puzzle... 

and now you've found it.

Step Into Your Authentic Power,

RELEASE YOURSELF from the past

and create a New Life for yourself.

Let go of the emotional conditioning of yesterday that keeps re-creating past 

and update your consciousness for present-time manifestation.  

You get to create your life the way you want ~ don't let anything get in the way of that ~ we need you.  You have so much to share with the world and you can no longer squelch your fire and light.  

It's time to stoke your inner flame, create affluence AND makes a difference... 

Stop reading books, listening to podcasts, and thinking you know what you need to do...

If you did you wouldn't be here now.

There is a way out, and the key lies within you.

It's time to step up to your true potential (which you don't even know how deep your well goes, my friend) and take ownership of your experience.  

The only thing you have to GIVE UP is MEDIOCRITY and COMPROMISE.

Stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and listen with intent of 

up-leveling your vibration so your life can be one of purpose and passion.

Who Is This For?

This is for the high-achieving woman who senses there's something more, but needs clarity and support so she can step into her greatness. 

This is for the woman who wants to truly own her sense of self, deepen her spirituality, and use that wisdom to manifest from the Quantum, to bring into her reality a purposeful passion and love for who she is in this world.

If you are ready to Turn Yourself On and rock your life with more power and purpose...

I am your doctor.

If you are ready to STOP STRUGGLING and STOP SELLING OUT to your old stories...

NOW'S THE TIME  to clean up your emotional mess, up-level your mental mindset, 

and FREE YOUR BODY so that it can do what it does naturally, HEAL!

Ready to upgrade your confidence, feel fabulous and have more magic in your world...?

If you are saying YES! right now...  THIS IS FOR YOU!

It's Going To Take Work...

To work with me you have to COMMIT to yourself that you are worth it and be WILLING to step into places that will be uncomfortable, vulnerable and revealing.

You will have to become a warrior for your own wellbeing and step through the fire of your insanity so you can have your needs met and beyond; to have what you need to live your purpose and create and experience exponential pleasure in your body and the world.

I will help you discover a deeper aspect of your power so that you can heal old hurts, release trauma and become a more vibrant version of yourself. 

Masterclass Details:

This is a small group coaching experience that will be the catalyst for deep, soulful healing.  I will be guiding your DEEP into your subconscious and help you pull out the stagnation, heal the wounds, and create a bridge from your mind to your heart.  This is the beginning, as your mindset is everything.  

You will do a Nutrition Analysis Graph to evaluate how your organ systems are functioning and receive nutrition and supplementation recommendations to support your systems that are out of balance.

You will get personalized action steps, tools, and strategies to transform yourself from inside-out, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is a very strategic and structured program that will be the container for your unfoldment into the greatest version of yourself.  You will walk away knowing your are living a new life, a life on fire!

What It Includes:

  • Weekly group coaching + transformational journaling prompts and worksheets
  • Personalized guided meditation and visualization tracks to reprogram your mind and shift you into your highest state
  • Personalized nutritional support and 3 Nutrition Analysis Graphs to assess your progress
  • Somatic & breath work practices to help you embody your vision for yourself and learn how to really feel great in your body
  • 1 private coaching call each month to give you 1-on-1 support and accountability 
  • 10% discount on all other services and supplements that you may want to enjoy

Course Curriculum:

Month One:


Release old stories and beliefs from the subconscious that have kept you stuck in patterns. You will experience emotional clearing work and shamanistic healing principles to help heal old wounds and to heal your inner child.  She wants to come out and play and you will learn how to release her! Bust through fear, shame, anxiety, worthlessness, and other limiting emotions and discover how to embody a relaxed, joyful, expansive way of being.

Month Two: 


Your gut is foundational to a happy mental-mindset.  I will help you get your gut on track so that you are producing neurotrasmitters in a healthy way and will be able to "trust your gut" even more.  If you have other pressing nutritional needs we will address those too, in this way the program is very individualized and supportive where ever you are in your nutrition journey.

Month Three: 


Get ready to experience deep spiritual knowing and tap into your intuition more fully. Activate your inner Goddess and begin using your sacred feminine sexual energy to manifest. You will learn a variety of spiritual growth practices so that you can enhance your vibration on the fly. 

Month Four: 


This is where you learn to take your newfound vibration and manifestation abilities into the world!  You will learn how to set up your environment so that you can hold your vibration regardless of what is happening in the world. You will receive specific tools to ensure that your up-leveling continues to grow and your manifestations are a reflection of a purposeful and passionate life.

I've experienced some of the worst you can deal with - and recovered.  Chronic pain, bipolar manic depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, bulimia. adrenal exhaustion, Yes, I've been there. And, I know you can recover.

Stop living in shame and find the answers.  They are personal for you, and not every path is right for everyone, But if you are looking for your path, you are on it.  TRUST and have FAITH that your prayers are being answered and your answers are in front of you.

you will learn things are possible that you once thought weren't because you once choose to believe it wasn't...

You will find yourself living a new life, in a new body, with a whole new way of looking at the world.

This is about understanding your potential and honestly navigating your internal landscape so you can live with more freedom, creativity and authenticity than ever before.

If this is for you...  {apply now}