Trauma Recovery with Molly Douglas

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Trauma recovery can easily be elusive to women. Molly Douglas brings depth and wisdom to women who are ready to awaken and who are ready for newness in their lives. You don’t have to continue to “deal” with the trauma of the past. Furthermore, Molly shares some unique ways she has found recovery and exactly how she shares this incredible process with other women ready to heal.

Having dealt with sexual abuse and disempowerment on many levels throughout her life, and as a result, Molly figured out how to recover and now uses her skills to teach women how to find their authentic truth and be comfortable in their own skin. The hardest part of trauma recovery may be the ability to trust again and Molly can lead you to a deeper self-trust which reflects into your world and allows you to deeply trust life again.

We discuss everything from trauma, to food, to sex, and to embodying the goddess in your everyday life. This is a really fun conversation and you are sure to enjoy the show!

Through Art Therapy, Breath Work Practices and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Molly guides women on a journey through healing and transformation. I know you will be inspired and empowered!

Key Notes:

[0:40]  Introduction ~ Molly Douglas

[6:52]   How Molly Unstuck Herself From Trauma

[12:26]  Struggling With “I am Enough-ness”

[15:41] Goddesses & The Sacred Feminine

[20:24]  How To Release Resistance to Shadow Work

[30:31]  Raising the Vibration of Sex, Food & Daughters

[46:30]  Connect Back To Your Wounds to Find Your Gifts

[49:12]  Molly’s Greatest Biohack & How She Turns Her Soul On!

[52:00]  Closing & How to Connect with Molly Douglas

Trauma Recovery Resources & Links:

Molly Douglas’ Website

Molly’s FB Group – Lit From Within

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Dr. Brandy helps women optimize their lives and and step into their greatness by embracing their feminine warrior. Utilizing feminine empowerment coaching, functional medicine and shamanistic healing principles, she affects change in body, mind and spirit. She teaches from experience, having been 12 sizes bigger, recovered from Bi-Polar Manic Depression, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Brandy's Story

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