Jessie Bauer, Sustainable Health interview

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Sustainable Health with Jessie Bauer!

Approaching your well-being with sustainable health lifestyle practices is best as it supports the natural processes of life and becomes something you can do forever, beyond a fad diet.  Plus, it’s healthy for the planet when you choose to live this way, therefore hugely impacts the wellbeing of our families, communities, and each other.  Your choices create a cycle of upliftment, or detriment, that affects every single being on the planet, depending on how you choose to live.  This is a fun and inspiring interview about sustainable health with Jessie Bauer of Good Farma. She’s a certified Nutrition Specialist and has a deep love for the wellbeing of society as well as mother earth.

Living A Sustainable Health Lifestyle

Jessie tells her story of coming from a time in her life where she pretty much lived on ramen noodles and microwaved food, consequently experiencing a state of disfunction and disharmony in her body, mind and life.  In this interview, she explains how this affected her athleticism as well as her mental mindset.

Jessie has taken steps to regain her health and has learned a lot along the way about how to live a sustainable health lifestyle.   She has since stepped into owning her own business as an entrepreneur and uses her time and expertise to educate others on how to live the healthiest way possible so that we all thrive.

Key Notes:

She’s got some great tips therefore I know you will enjoy the show!

[0:00] Opening & Where we are going

[5:30]  Introduction of Jessie Bauer

[7:35] Why she is a Self-Proclaimed Disruptor

[9:15]  Jessie’s inspiration for getting into the nutrition industry

[31:15]  The Food First Philosophy

[34:45] The Depth of Programming Around Food

[36:25]  You are creating the future with your choices

[53:56]  The future of planet earth is in your hands

[1:06:16]  Closing

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