Dr. Brandy Victory is committed to caring for you in the highest way possible, always moving in a direction that suits your body’s needs. She specializes in Non-Force Chiropractic & Nutritional Therapy, giving you the option for a more gentle and well-rounded approach to your health care.

Dr. Brandy has a special knack for helping people with all types of gut disorders:  Gut Dysbiosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Celiac, Gluten Intolerance, Gas, Belching, and even helping people improve their health so much that they are able to reduce and/or eliminate their medications!

Auto-Immune Disorders are another focus for Dr. Brandy in which, with her help, her patients reduce their autoantibodies which means reduce their symptoms and live a more normal life.

Osteoporosis is a big problem in our world today and through Nutritional Therapy Dr. Brandy's patients are improving their bone structure so much so that some patients even reverse their osteoporosis and after testing, are found to be normal.

Hypo and Hyper-Thyroidism, as well as other Hormonal Imbalances, are found to be greatly effected by Dr. Brandy's work.  Her patients regain their energy, lose weight, have a better attitude, regulate their body temperature, and overall feel much better when their body is in balance.

Transformational Coaching:

Dr. Brandy works with women all over the U.S. helping them regain confidence, build up their vitality, strengthen their reserves and find passion again in their lives.  She utilizes shamanistic healing, nutritional therapy and lifestyle empowerment to help her patients transform their stickiness into achievement. 

Non-Force Chiropractic care:

Beyond adjusting bones, joints and spines, Dr. Brandy adjusts the brain and nervous system, and resets how it controls your body, organs and glands. This treatment removes subconscious emotional blocks to release the blocks in your healing and life and re-patterns your nervous system for higher function. Most people find that they hold their adjustments longer, live in a more relaxed state, their memory improves. Athlete’s and seniors alike both agree that they have better function of their body with their nervous system is balanced.

Functional Medicine:

Beyond suppressing symptoms, Functional Medicine treats the root of illness so that the body can heal and symptoms subside. Most health problems appear to be either due to a toxicity or a nutritional deficiency, yet most doctors are treating these problems with drugs that tend to make the body more toxic and more deficient, then most people chalk these symptoms of toxicity and/or deficiency as “Aging”. Dr. Brandy designs a very specific nutritional protocol for each patient based on their individual needs. By feeding your body the specific nutrients it needs your body has what it takes to heal and you begin to feel more vibrant, alive, and can function at your best.

Functional Lab Work:

Dr . Brandy offers lab work to all of her patients so that she can get a deeper look at what is actually going on with your system. She practices Functional Blood Chemistry, which is a way of studying blood work with more depth than most doctors. This type of study can detect underlying problems that go unnoticed and untreated, causing you to believe there is something going on, even when your doctors say “everything is normal”. Just because your labs are “within range” doesn’t mean that you're healthy.

Dr. Brandy also utilizes Stool Testing to determine specific intestinal disorders, Saliva Testing to determine hormonal imbalances, and Hair Mineral Analysis to see if you have any heavy metal burdens, micronutrient testing to discover nutritional deficiencies, and evaluates the function of your thyroid and adrenals.

Other Services:

Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Joint Mobility Treatments, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Therapeutic Yoga, Breath Work

If you have questions and wonder if Dr. Brandy can help you, Reach Out for a Complimentary Consultation