Balance, Boundaries & Letting Go Retreat

Balance, Boundaries, & Letting Go...

A Powerful Retreat to Sooth Your Soul 
Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Want to Balance Yourself Through Winter?

Often women come to me during the winter concerned they are getting depressed, uncertain of what their purpose is and wondering why they feel lethargic during the colder months.  It is certainly natural to "go inside" during the winter months, yet it doesn't have to lead to depression or purposelessness.  

When we honor our bodies, the season, and our boundaries then life is pretty darn good!

This retreat is a deep dive into creating personal balance in your energetics so you can soar through the winter!

Your evolution is a journey. It doesn't happen overnight, but with the right coaching and energetic clearing you can set yourself up for the greatest season of your life! 

You Will Experience a REVOLUTION...

We are doing this together! You can now feel stability through the winter and move out the gunk that may be blocking you.  Achieve a healthier mindset, improved immunity, and ensuring your experience throughout the winter is a joyful and exciting time.

Retreat Deets...

This 6-hour in-person transformational group coaching experience will guide you deep into your subconscious layers and give you the tools you need to create greater harmony and balance in your life. 

No longer do you need to re-recreate the patterns of depression. apathy, confusion and anxiety.  IT IS TIME TO LET GO!

There are a limited number of women in each group so we can keep it real and intimate.  Each woman is committed to showing up authentically, opening to transformation and supporting the unfoldment of her sisters. You will love the connection, the depth, the love and the tribe. 

Get ready to Dive Deep, Transform from the Inside-Out, 

and Drop Into Where Your Soul's Yearning Begins!

What It Includes...

6-hours of fun-filled transformative practices to ensure you shift 1 specific block in your life:

Each woman will come to this transformational event with clarity on what is holding her back that she is ready to let go of for good.  A pre-retreat questionnaire will help reveal exactly the #1 thing that keeps you stuck in your life.

How you do anything is how you do everything.  Likely there is a very specific belief, pattern and/or program that continues to rear its ugly head over and over again in your life.  This pattern may be keeping you from either taking action all together, or not being able to follow through to completion, or getting off track and losing focus with whatever you are working on at the time. These are all simply subconscious "programs" that are disrupting your hardware (life) and we can easily reprogram your subconscious so that your physical experience can actually change.  

It is one thing to "talk about it", but that is dealing with the conscious level of things.  Good work, and very important for lasting true change is shifting the subconscious patterns and programs from the quantum level. Every physical experience has an energetic blueprint and now you can shift the energetics so that the physical experience can change!

Specific Practices to Set The Foundation for The Fall Season:

In accordance with Chinese Medicine, there are specific organ systems and elements that are primed for clearing and need extra support during each season. In the fall season, we will be balancing the element of metal and clearing the lungs and large intestines.  These are organs that represent "letting go" and can hold onto emotions like grief and sadness and can lead to depression.  Often a physical disorder is linked to an organ and specific emotion when repressed.  Clearing these latent emotions can help resolve underlying physical complaints.  

You will also begin to develop clearer boundaries with yourself and others which will lead to a more balanced life through the fall and winter seasons.

Guided meditation to awaken you to your Truth as a powerful manifestor and creator and help build trust in your intuition:

This is a practice that will shift you out of your analytical mind where you try to figure things out.  This level of consciousness IS NOT where true transformation takes place.  In order for you to release your negative patterns for good we need to shift you into a state where your higher self can be heard, trusted and followed.  Then you will tap into your infinite resource and begin to realize you are a much bigger being with even more to offer than you realize. It is time you step into your power and TRUST YOURSELF!

Breath work practices to move out stagnation and empower your energy centers:

Breath is the catalyst for true change, and spirit resides on the breath.  Using very specific breathwork practices helps you break up the limitations within your energetic and physical space and grant your spirit more room to express your authentic gifts with the world.  Many people are living a facade that they believe is their true self, but is actually the storyline they learned as children and came to believe it is their truth.  This facade must be released so that you can live a more truthful and authentic life.  This is what you came here to do.  This is purposeful and fulfilling life.

Chakra Activation Techniques to lift your frequency to a new vibration:

You are way more than your physical body and the chakras are energetic centers within that are the super-highways for the meridians (energy channels) with which acupuncturists work.  Each chakra has its own vibration, specific organs it relates to, and interference patterns that disrupt the function of your body as well as how your feel in your mind-body connection.  

If you have an imbalance in one of the chakras you may experience a physiological imbalance as well.  For example, infertility may be an expression of a second chakra imbalance whereas digestive disorders may relate to a third chakra imbalance.   And those with a second chakra imbalance may also express challenges with creativity, may feel apathetic or not "turned on" in life and those with a third chakra imbalance may not easily stand up for themselves, avoid conflict to their detriment, and find it difficult to try something new.  When your chakras are out of balance YOU are out of balance in your life.  

Neurological reprogramming to ensure the seed of transformation sprouts in your consciousness:

Your neurological patterns are the backbone of how you navigate the world.  Many of the patterns are based on past trauma, beliefs and programs that have been used for survival.  When you took them on it likely served you for survival, as surviving is an important thing. My guess is that those things that occured in the past are no longer a threat but you still may be living your life "as if", seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and believing that is the way life is.  This is a true limiter to your life.

When you truly let go of the programs it opens space for a new experience to unfold.  You cannot create from the same level of thinking that got you here today. It is your right and responsibility to raise yourself to a new vibration so that you can live the life you came here to live.  Shifting your consciousness and reprogramming your subconscious is essential for exponential growth.  Let's do this together!

Strategies to help you take your new found vibratory level into the real world and make it work for you:

It's one thing to shift your consciousness, and a whole other thing to take specific steps and actions so that you begin to own your new level of awareness and let it work for you in your life.  Get ready to solidify your balance and boundaries!

Too many times people take courses and seminars and go home to find themselves still stuck in their old ways, their high wears off and they never really take action in a new direction to create true change.  You will receive personalized instruction so that you deeply embody and honor your transformation and make it real.  Now you will know exactly how to achieve your dream!

If you know you are ready to create more balance in your life...If you are done feeling stuck and off-purpose...If you're ready to have clarity of your path, move your bull-crap out of the way and get solid on how to get there,... Apply for this retreat and see if its the right fit for you.

I developed this retreat out of a desire to help women shift in a quick and powerful way.  

When I was going through the throws of Bi-Polar Manic Depression, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, I struggled so hard to find my way out, and I never want any woman to have to go through that the way I did.  

Enjoy this retreat as the first step in embodying your wellness in a more profound way. It  includes my most powerful resources to help you SHIFT from a life unfulfilled to a life on fire.  

You Have The Ability To Change...

What I understand is that every physical dysfunction, be it in your body, life or relationships, has an energetic blueprint that can be shifted so that the physical expression can change, And You Can Do It Too.

I will be real with you, open you, be bold with you, and hold your hand through it all.

This is my gift to the world, this is my gift to you.

Love, Dr. Brandy