Nutrition Analysis Graph

Ever wonder what your organs are saying?

You know, if your thyroid could talk, 

what would it say? 

How about your other organ systems, like your digestive system, cardiovascular system, adrenals, or nervous system...  what would they be saying if they could speak?

LISTEN... You Can Learn! 

You see, your body gives you messages loud and clear, you just need to understand how to listen to them, and I have a very unique way to decipher these messages. 

It is called a Nutrition Analysis Graph.

Your body will give you signs and symptoms way before problems arise on your lab work...

Why not listen to their story?

What is A Nutrition Analysis Graph?

A Nutrition Analysis Graph is a graph of your organs systems' function based on your symptoms.  

Approximately 400 questions are evaluated, put into a spreadsheet and creates a graph.  This graph represents how your nervous system, digestive system, thyroid, adrenals, cardiovascular system, female/male hormones are functioning.  

Since symptoms appear way before they show up on a lab, it is a great way to implement a wellness or prevention plan for your wellbeing.  It is also a great way to know what your body is indicating as a priority so that you can take necessary action to resolve your health care concerns.

So many people are confused about what to do, and grab the next "hot" supplement off the shelf and hope it works.  The problem is, maybe that is not what your body needs, so you end up with a cabinet full of half-used bottles and feel like there may be no real hope at all.

Consider that you may not be 

aiming at the right target.

The Nutrition Analysis Graph clarifies your target and give you a deeper understanding of how to address your health care concerns based on your body's priorities...


Yes, your body has priorities, kind of like layers of an onion.  Heal the priority and them move on to the next one, following your body's wisdom rather than thinking you know what is wrong and trying to force a change when your body isn't yet ready.

For example, I had a patient who had a thyroid issue but was having no success with thyroid medication.  She continued to gain weight, felt fatigued, and didn't feel like herself.  

Once she did the Nutrition Analysis Graph she realized that her body's priority was her digestive system.  She began working with me, and once we got her digestive system on track her metabolism improve and she had energy throughout the day.  We then began to holistically work on her thyroid which was now easy to do.   Her thyroid numbers came into normal ranges and she was feeling better than ever.

"Before" and "After" Comparison...

Ideally, you will do this graph periodically to ensure that you are moving your health in the right direction.  If you are following the guidelines and working on the systems that show as a priority, then you should see an improvement in those systems when you do a comparison graph.  



You will also see what is next in line as the priority.  You see, as your body heals, let's say the digestive system, there will be a new priority show up that you can then address. When you work with the body in this way healing happens fast.  I rarely keep a patient on the same protocol for longer than 2-3 months.  their bodies change so rapidly that the supplementation that was once relevant no longer is needed by the body.  

The Nutrition Analysis Graph at the left is a 4-week comparison.  Look at how much she improved!  

When someone has a lot going on at once, as in the first graph, sometimes I recommend a 10-Day transformation Program to reset their body and to allow for the true priority to show up.  This is what she did.  You can see all the bars on the first graph show many systems in need of support.  After, the priority shows liver/gall bladder, nervous system and hypothyroid symptoms.  This was a lot easier to deal with. 

If I can get someones graph to shift that much in a short period of time they are feeling WAY better and typically have the fortitude to continue with their health care plan.  

Are You Ready?

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