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Hack Your Biology With A Micronutrient Test

As a doctor specializing in preventative care, an individualized approach has become the standard of excellence. A Micronutrient Test gives us exactly what we need to treat our patients in the most individualized way possible. 

People commonly ask me about whether they should take specific supplements. They heard Dr. Oz say it's good, or it worked for their best friend so they took a chance.

They feel they should be taking "something". There are many studies out there that point to the benefits of taking antioxidants and a multivitamin. What these studies don't take into consideration is the individual needs of the patient. We enhance the potential for better outcomes and a healthier population when we consider this important piece. Beyond that we give these patients a better chance to live an optimized life. 

I rely upon Spectracell's Micronutrient Test to help us evaluate the true nutritional status of each patient. Once we clearly understand each patient's individual needs then we can create very specific nutritional protocols to support their system. It also helps us guide them towards their highest expression of health. 

How Is Micronutrient Testing Different?

Testing with Spectracell's Micronutrient Test is the most specialized way to evaluate your wellbeing.  

Once we draw your blood it is sent to a lab. The lab pulls out your lymphocytes (white blood cells) and grows them in a petri dish for 3 weeks.  Your lymphocytes are then opened up and evaluated for what has been absorbed, utilized, and what is deficient inside the cell. 

They then determine how your cells handle stress and how your immune system is functioning by stressing the cells in different ways.

This creates a beautiful graph of your cellular function and from that we create very specific protocols to improve your functionality. So for people who desire to enhance their functionality as they age, this is a fantastic  test!  It is a great way to improve vitality, regeneration, energy and metabolism.

Last Notes On Micronutrient Tests...

For many people, supplementation can be overwhelming because there is so much controversial information. So they stab at it, trying to at least "cover the bases".  This ends up causing frustration and becomes a huge expense.  Too many people send me pictures of their supplement cabinet and it's filled with half-used bottles and amounts to hundreds of dollars.

When a Patient has a specific health issue, there are many different nutrients and deficiency states that can play a role in the issue itself. We can pinpoint exactly what is needed to get that patient back to health rather than giving them a  standard protocol when we evaluate the body with the Micronutrient Test.

I often combine this test with a Hair Mineral Analysis to evaluate heavy metal toxicity and organ system function to get a bigger picture of exactly what is going on in the patient's body.

And if you are a biohacker, focusing your healthcare on creating optimized vitality and function as you age, a micronutrient test is essential to your body best performance.

This is biohacking at its finest.

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Dr. Brandy helps women optimize their lives and and step into their greatness by embracing their feminine warrior. Utilizing feminine empowerment coaching, functional medicine and shamanistic healing principles, she affects change in body, mind and spirit. She teaches from experience, having been 12 sizes bigger, recovered from Bi-Polar Manic Depression, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Brandy's Story

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