Hi, I am Dr. Brandy...

I am a woman Who Knows what it's like to be Fat, Sick and Tired...

and what it's like to recover.

I also know what it is like to have doctors tell you that you will take drugs the rest of your life, and "get used to it" because your issues will never change. 

Yep, you got it, I also know what it is like to PROVE THEM WRONG, to live a life free of drugs, and beat the odds beyond measure.

Who Am I?

I am Dr. Brandy Victory. I am a daughter, a sister, a community lover, and a leader in the wellness industry who has a passion for helping women find that place deep inside themselves that holds the key to their very own healing.  

You have it within you, just as I do. 

I Believe In Your Body's Ability to Heal.

You see, physical manifestations of "dis-ease" have a consciousness counterpart, and your nervous system, organs and hormones are commonly effected by these disturbances in your consciousness, which lead to mental, physical and emotional "symptoms".  

No longer can you just take a pill and hope it goes away.  Each one of the symptoms you are experiencing are like little red flags that your consciousness is giving you to get your attention.  Typically people disregard their body's wisdom, rather than listening to the conversation that your higher self is wanting to have with you. 

More over, this leads to numbing out with things like alcohol and drugs, hosting negative thinking patterns, and maybe even causing yourself subconscious harm.  This is how one becomes "mis-aligned".  Making choices from this places creates more looping of these same types of experiences over and over, essentially losing touch with your True Essence, who you really are. 

You have more power than you realize, and there's a way to access it...

And you are here because you're on a journey, searching for your next step...  

All you need to do is Say YES!

My mission is to help women reach deep inside and connect to that part within that is All-Knowing, Exuberant Potential, and has the capacity to Heal Their Bodies, Mind, and Spirits, allowing a life of Vitality, Joy, and Empowerment.  

Are You Ready?

This is achieved through a systematic process where you are participate in our Tribe Talks, you learn incredible Power Rituals, and how to Nourish Your Body based on your personal lab work, you are led to Follow the Rhythm & Guidance of Nature, and Connect into a Community of Brilliant Women who are on the same path and have beautiful gifts to share with you. 

When I was in the throws of my horrific illness and began to realize that I really could get better, I made it my mission to help as many people as possible realize the same. I am not saying it's an easy journey, but I have done my absolute best to clear the path so that those who choose to follow can have the greatest clarity and grace along their own journey.

You are welcomed to join me...

You have two choices here:

You can continue on learning more about me and how I got here, or you can go ahead and begin your journey to a life of greater Vitality, Joy and Empowerment.

You get to choose!  What will it be?