Hello, I am Dr. Brandy Victory...

My life is pretty darn righteous these days.  I have a wonderful partner, Rodger, who completely fulfills my  (quite long) "Must-Have's" List ~ that is a story for another day...

Several years ago I had 3 thriving practices in Northern California when I had the incredible opportunity to meet Rodger who encouraged me to live my dream... Taking his advice, we left California, and have traveled far and wide, while living 3 years consciously homeless, utilizing my time doing Professional House Sitting and working virtually with my patients helping them overcome digestive, hormonal, and auto-immune disorders with specific supplementation and Intuitive Health Coaching.  Now we live in an incredible home in the Rocky Mountains, just west of Boulder, CO. 

I recently opened an office and am seeing local patients again.  You could say I am a mountain girl now and feel quite at home.  

But it hasn't always been a walk in the park...

When I was young, I was afflicted with a terrible disease called Bi-Polar Manic Depression.  I also was 12-sizes bigger than I am now, had Fibromyalgic pain all over my body, and a case of Chronic Fatigue that was unbearable.  To top it off, I had Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with food and was Bulimic.  I guess you could say I was a hot mess.  Often locking myself inside and not answering the phone or door, no matter how many times it rang.  I was usually lost in a bag of Oreo's with a topping of Ben & Jerry's.  

As you can see by the sheer look on my face, happiness wasn't my forthright attitude.  It was actually the furthest thing from my mind, hence the reason I was suicidal. I just couldn't bear to live with the pain, physically and emotionally.  I was a total wreck and the doctors said I would always be that way.  No one ever knew anyone to recover from this type of illness, so what was I to do?

I can remember what I thought was my last conversation with God...

Somehow I made it through that time, and within 3 days these two amazing doctors blessed my life.

Of course, we both know they were angels, but I certainly didn't know that then.  One of them, Dr. Robert Rakowski, of Houston, Texas (yep, I am a Texan!) showed me the concept of Functional Medicine, and helped me get off the drugs other doctors said I would be on for life. The other doctor, Dr. Robert Sones (another Houstonian) helped me understand the power of the mind and how the subconscious controls 99% of our body's functions. He also taught me how to remove this interference so that I could tap into my true potential. With the help of both of these men, and a developing yoga and breath work practice, I was able to bring myself out of that deep disturbance into a life I love living.

I have been off


for 18 years.  

Having the up-close and personal experience of moving past these issues in my life, I have been deeply inspired to help others do the same. I hired my first coach in 2001, have taken to heart what she had to say, and began to realize that being a "healthcare practitioner" was way more than just giving adjustments and supplementation. There is another part of us, the non-physical, much bigger part of us that we sometimes lose sight of and need help re-connecting with, and this is my greatest joy now in my practice.

I have since studied with numerous mentors who have deepened my knowledge in the areas of Functional Medicine and Neuro-Emotional Healing, and have gone on to work with a few of them as well. It has been a fabulous experience to have the opportunity to work with some of the top doctors in these fields.  I currently still work with one of them, Dr. Michael Gaeta, who not only understands specific protocols, but brings forth a spiritual connection to the work we do.  I am so very grateful.  I have come to understand that Spirit is a massive co-creator in our lives and when we live in alignment with this co-creative energy then our lives soar.

I believe this is how 

my life has been saved. 

 I have made a conscious

choice to live in

 alignment with my Truth...

To face my shadows and bring to light the possibilities that exist for me.  I do my best to stay conscious and follow my Guidance. I hold a strong vision for not only my own wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of our community and planet.

We Are All In This Together.  

So, maybe you will now be so inspired that you can't help but live your life even more fully; to take hold of the reality that we only have today, and to live it as if it were your last.  Have so much gratitude that you are overflowing, and allow that overflow to fill someone else's cup.  And realize that YOU ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL.

And no matter what, always wear your invisible crown! 

...unless you have a really cool tribe that blesses you with a real one.  

That's really cool too.