We are excited to meet you and look forward to helping you step into greater health.We believe in your ability to heal, we just have to help you get out of your own way and give your body, mind and spirit what it needs to thrive.

This is the wonderful woman with whom you will be speaking! Anja is a brilliant superstar in our world and takes really good care of our patients and members.  

Just a little note...  she, takes all emails and calls, and she does her best to answer you quickly.  If it's something I need to address she sends it my way and I get to it as promptly as possible.  We have a large amount of emails that come through, so please be patient with us.  Anja is in the office Tuesdays-Thursday. Thank you!

A Little About Anja...

"Hi, I live in Coal Creek Canyon, CO surrounded by nature. I recently moved from New Jersey following my dream to live in the mountains, enjoying the peace and quiet and at the same time having fun with outdoor activities the area has to offer. To be the best that  I can be, I've always made it a priority to live a healthy life style, physically and spiritually.  Being challenged with Epstein Barr Virus, I was looking for the kind of help which the medical profession wouldn’t be able to provide (“there is no cure!”).

Meeting Dr. Brandy has made a huge difference in my life. Her nurturing program put me on the right healing path and my health has soared ever since. She has been helping me not only from a physical perspective but also addressing underlying emotional challenges which complements my holistic healing journey.

I’m here to help you too, as you move through Dr. Brandy’s incredible program. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have.  Be well and may your wellness journey be as graceful and enlightening as it has been for me.