We are excited to meet you and look forward to helping you step into greater health.We believe in your ability to heal, we just need to help you get out of your own way and give your body, mind and spirit what it needs to thrive.

This is the wonderful woman with whom you will be speaking! Mary is a brilliant superstar in our world and takes really good care of our patients and members.  

Just a little note...  she, takes all emails and calls, and she does her best to answer you quickly.  If it's something I need to address she sends it my way and I get to it as promptly as possible.  We have a large amount of emails that come through, so please be patient with us. 

 Mary is in the office Monday - Friday and checks messages once daily. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

A Little About Mary...

"I live in Coal Creek Canyon with my husband and our 2 dogs. I retired from nursing 4 years ago and am so happy to be back working with a doctor that really understands how to care for your whole being.  

As an RN in the western medicine world for over 25 years, I see the difference a functional health practitioner can make in your life.

I not only work with Dr Brandy Victory, D.C., I am her patient as well so I have a unique perspective on how to support your wellness journey.

I am here to assist you by answering your questions, booking your appointments and generally supporting you with your wellness care needs.