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Anti Aging Skin Care with Dory Johnson

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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Dory Johnson, my personal esthetician, has beautiful skin and an incredible knowledge base when it comes to anti aging skin care. She knows exactly how to improve skin texture, appearance and bring back your youthful glow.

In this episode, Dory shares tips on how to take care of your skin at home and as a result you’ll be amazed at how small steps can make big changes for your beauty.

Anti aging skin care is very important to Dory, as she found herself with cancer on her face in her 30’s and consequently began a deep dive into the science of anti aging skin care.

Not only was she recovering from cancer, she changed her career path as she approached age 50! I and thrilled to share this powerful story of fortitude and healing with you.

You will also hear her speak to how unconscious habits form how we look and determine how others perceive us. May this conversation awaken you to your personal unconscious patterns and habits so that you can awake to your innate beauty.

Then maybe you will follow with some of Dory’s biohacks and integrate them in to your life as well.

Beauty is an inside-out job. Yes, we have been conditioned to believe that beauty is the color of our skin, hair and the shape of our body, but the truth is you can have all of that, and if empty and living a purposeless life, you will not feel beautiful. At least not for long. In conclusion, it’s time to reveal your radiance! May you enjoy the show.

Key Notes:

[3:01] Dory Johnson Says Hello
[7:35] Changing Careers At Age 49!
[15:57] Stress and Subconscious Effects
[20:40] Your Skin Is A Reflection of Your Inside
[24:00] Feeling Irrelevant As You Age
[28:28] Home Skin Care Tips
[37:20] Dory’s #1 BioHack!
[40:20] Closing

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If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Brandy Victory you can read her story here.

Trauma Recovery with Molly Douglas

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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Trauma recovery can easily be elusive to women. Molly Douglas brings depth and wisdom to women who are ready to awaken and who are ready for newness in their lives. You don’t have to continue to “deal” with the trauma of the past. Furthermore, Molly shares some unique ways she has found recovery and exactly how she shares this incredible process with other women ready to heal.

Having dealt with sexual abuse and disempowerment on many levels throughout her life, and as a result, Molly figured out how to recover and now uses her skills to teach women how to find their authentic truth and be comfortable in their own skin. The hardest part of trauma recovery may be the ability to trust again and Molly can lead you to a deeper self-trust which reflects into your world and allows you to deeply trust life again.

We discuss everything from trauma, to food, to sex, and to embodying the goddess in your everyday life. This is a really fun conversation and you are sure to enjoy the show!

Through Art Therapy, Breath Work Practices and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Molly guides women on a journey through healing and transformation. I know you will be inspired and empowered!

Key Notes:

[0:40]  Introduction ~ Molly Douglas

[6:52]   How Molly Unstuck Herself From Trauma

[12:26]  Struggling With “I am Enough-ness”

[15:41] Goddesses & The Sacred Feminine

[20:24]  How To Release Resistance to Shadow Work

[30:31]  Raising the Vibration of Sex, Food & Daughters

[46:30]  Connect Back To Your Wounds to Find Your Gifts

[49:12]  Molly’s Greatest Biohack & How She Turns Her Soul On!

[52:00]  Closing & How to Connect with Molly Douglas

Trauma Recovery Resources & Links:

Molly Douglas’ Website

Molly’s FB Group – Lit From Within

If you’d like to dive into clearing your beliefs and creating more balance in your life, you may enjoy the retreat I am offering In October.


Jessie Bauer, Sustainable Health interview

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Sustainable Health with Jessie Bauer!

Approaching your well-being with sustainable health lifestyle practices is best as it supports the natural processes of life and becomes something you can do forever, beyond a fad diet.  Plus, it’s healthy for the planet when you choose to live this way, therefore hugely impacts the wellbeing of our families, communities, and each other.  Your choices create a cycle of upliftment, or detriment, that affects every single being on the planet, depending on how you choose to live.  This is a fun and inspiring interview about sustainable health with Jessie Bauer of Good Farma. She’s a certified Nutrition Specialist and has a deep love for the wellbeing of society as well as mother earth.

Living A Sustainable Health Lifestyle

Jessie tells her story of coming from a time in her life where she pretty much lived on ramen noodles and microwaved food, consequently experiencing a state of disfunction and disharmony in her body, mind and life.  In this interview, she explains how this affected her athleticism as well as her mental mindset.

Jessie has taken steps to regain her health and has learned a lot along the way about how to live a sustainable health lifestyle.   She has since stepped into owning her own business as an entrepreneur and uses her time and expertise to educate others on how to live the healthiest way possible so that we all thrive.

Key Notes:

She’s got some great tips therefore I know you will enjoy the show!

[0:00] Opening & Where we are going

[5:30]  Introduction of Jessie Bauer

[7:35] Why she is a Self-Proclaimed Disruptor

[9:15]  Jessie’s inspiration for getting into the nutrition industry

[31:15]  The Food First Philosophy

[34:45] The Depth of Programming Around Food

[36:25]  You are creating the future with your choices

[53:56]  The future of planet earth is in your hands

[1:06:16]  Closing

Resources & Links:

And if you are ready to ACTIVATE register for your Activation Call!

Ryan West after brain tumor recovery

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Brain Tumor Recovery

Brain Tumor Recovery & Living with Acromegaly with Ryan West

Wow! What an incredible story!

Brain tumor recovery and living with acromegaly is Ryan West’s profound story.  It is one you will not forget and in fact may be the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard.

In this episode he describes exactly what he went through: brain tumor surgery, going to doctors continuously, the deformation of his face and head, the medications he will always have to take, the trials of brain tumor recovery ,and how he keeps himself in tip-top shape.

Ryan is on a mission!  After dealing with a pituitary brain tumor while in the service (thank you Ryan!),  he has taking that drive and determination and put it into helping others along their wellness journey.  He is clearly here as a guide for others suffering with brain tumors as well as other diseases so they too can feel as good as they can and become empowered in their own lives.

You will enjoy hearing Ryan speak about his brain tumor recovery with such strength.  It is this kind of power that is his key to recovery and living an optimized life.

Since recovering from a brain tumor, Ryan has developed an app to help others wanting to live healthier lives.  It is called the Resistance Assistance App and it is designed for anyone who wants to have ease in getting their exercise in with resistance bands!

This can be done quickly at home or even if you are traveling since resistance bands are easy to pack and carry. You don’t have to be recovering from brain cancer to use this app, and it is designed to not be overwhelming to people just starting out.  I hope you try it out!

Resources & Links:

Revealing Healing Podcast 

Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App

Key Notes:

[0:00]   Introduction

[4:01]   Why I am sharing Ryan’s story

[7:12]    Ryan’s brain cancer recovery and living with acromegaly

[26:47]  The function of your pituitary gland

[29:42]  Inspiration for those on medication

[33:10]  Finding his way out of hell to success

[46:20]  More about the Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App!

[51:35]   Closing

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Brandy check out her story here.

Empowering Your Life with Words

In this episode of Turn Your Soul On! Radio, Dr. Brandy lays it down and highlights the truth about the power of each and every word you speak as well as how every sound you make may contribute to your success or failure.

Are you wearing shirts with sayings? Dr. Brandy shares her perspective on what this may mean for your life.

Turn Your Soul On! Radio Station

Turn Your Soul On! FB Group

Dr. Brandy's YouTube Channel

0:00  introduction

2:25   How I am peeling back the layers of the "I'm not good enough" story

5:30  The power of sound

8:15  Donald Trump & how this "sound" conversation started

14:50  Becoming aware of what you say to yourself

16:44  T-shirt sayings and how it impacts your life

20:15  The violation of our burglary and becoming an alcoholic

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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The Spiritual Dimension of Cleansing #24

Get your new moon ritual AND learn how to navigate the deeper, non-physical aspect of cleansing. We are at a time where we as powerful women need to wake ourselves up and stop living in our comfort zones so that we can show up in our authentic greatness. Dr. Brandy offers inspiration and guidance on how we can step into the magic of life.

The Break Down:

0:35 Welcome!

0:50 Topics For The Day

2:15 Let's Wake All the Women Up!

2:35 Angel Card Reading ~ Answered Prayers

5:20 New Moon Reading ~ February 4, 2019

6:40 Structuring A Ritual For The New Moon

14:20 How To Do An Intuitive Read On Yourself or Your Friends

22:58 The Spiritual Dimension Of Cleansing

23:18 Difference Between Cleansing and Fasting

24:55 The Role Dopamine Plays In Your Cravings

27:35 How I Push Myself Out Of Auto-Pilot

28:00 The Spiritual Dimension of Cleansing

34:54  Setting The Foundation of Stepping Into A New Stage of Life

38:26 Being with Your Feelings Without Drowning In Your Tears

40:10 What is Bio-Hacking for Women?

42:15 Make A Commitment To Yourself to CATAPULT!

45:14 Closing


Turn Your Soul On FB Group

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