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A Brain Biohack with Science!

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Ready for a great brain biohack? If you’re ready to do what it takes to own your level of wellbeing today and for the future, this is it!

Paul Sorbo and Erin Gerwick talk about an innovative brain biohack. WAVi Performance provides direct measurements of brain function. WAVi also tracks how exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle can change the performance of the brain, hence this type of brain hack is clearly going to change how people treat their brain and enhance cognitive function. Getting your own WAVi brain scan will inspire you to take action to optimize your brain’s function, even if you haven’t had a concussion or a family history of Alzheimer’s or other brain dysfunction. This is the best brain biohack ever!

People commonly have significantly decreased blood flow in the brain. However, it is being determined that Alzheimer’s disease is preventable.  WAVi measures blood flow in the brain and other metrics and as a result will leave you never having to wonder if your mind is declining in performance.

Plus, WAVi has been researching how cholesterol, blood pressure, and plaque count correlates with brain health. With the collection of data they are currently pursuing we will soon be able to see patterns of brain dysfunction before you show symptoms. This innovation will give you the information you need to ensure your brain stays healthy as you age.  This truly is the best brain biohack yet!

Brain Biohack Key Notes:

[1:45]  About my Erin and Paul

[4:45]  Alzheimer’s is preventable

[6:00]  Cholesterol, blood pressure, and plaque count

[12:00] Prevention with lifestyle changes

[18:00] Integrating WAVi into your life

[23:40] Brain performance and trauma

[29:15] The WAVi data is protected

[32:30] A test you can’t fake

[36:20] Getting control for your wellness

[37:15] Sleep, exercise, and nutrition

Resources & Links:

WAVi Facebook:

WAVi LinkedIn:

Paul Sorbo:

Erin Gerwick:

Click here to learn more about Dr. Brandy

micro-nutrient test

Hack Your Biology With A Micronutrient Test

As a doctor specializing in preventative care, an individualized approach has become the standard of excellence. A Micronutrient Test gives us exactly what we need to treat our patients in the most individualized way possible. 

People commonly ask me about whether they should take specific supplements. They heard Dr. Oz say it's good, or it worked for their best friend so they took a chance.

They feel they should be taking "something". There are many studies out there that point to the benefits of taking antioxidants and a multivitamin. What these studies don't take into consideration is the individual needs of the patient. We enhance the potential for better outcomes and a healthier population when we consider this important piece. Beyond that we give these patients a better chance to live an optimized life. 

I rely upon Spectracell's Micronutrient Test to help us evaluate the true nutritional status of each patient. Once we clearly understand each patient's individual needs then we can create very specific nutritional protocols to support their system. It also helps us guide them towards their highest expression of health. 

How Is Micronutrient Testing Different?

Testing with Spectracell's Micronutrient Test is the most specialized way to evaluate your wellbeing.  

Once we draw your blood it is sent to a lab. The lab pulls out your lymphocytes (white blood cells) and grows them in a petri dish for 3 weeks.  Your lymphocytes are then opened up and evaluated for what has been absorbed, utilized, and what is deficient inside the cell. 

They then determine how your cells handle stress and how your immune system is functioning by stressing the cells in different ways.

This creates a beautiful graph of your cellular function and from that we create very specific protocols to improve your functionality. So for people who desire to enhance their functionality as they age, this is a fantastic  test!  It is a great way to improve vitality, regeneration, energy and metabolism.

Last Notes On Micronutrient Tests...

For many people, supplementation can be overwhelming because there is so much controversial information. So they stab at it, trying to at least "cover the bases".  This ends up causing frustration and becomes a huge expense.  Too many people send me pictures of their supplement cabinet and it's filled with half-used bottles and amounts to hundreds of dollars.

When a Patient has a specific health issue, there are many different nutrients and deficiency states that can play a role in the issue itself. We can pinpoint exactly what is needed to get that patient back to health rather than giving them a  standard protocol when we evaluate the body with the Micronutrient Test.

I often combine this test with a Hair Mineral Analysis to evaluate heavy metal toxicity and organ system function to get a bigger picture of exactly what is going on in the patient's body.

And if you are a biohacker, focusing your healthcare on creating optimized vitality and function as you age, a micronutrient test is essential to your body best performance.

This is biohacking at its finest.

anti aging skin care picture of Dory Johnson

Anti Aging Skin Care with Dory Johnson

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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Dory Johnson, my personal esthetician, has beautiful skin and an incredible knowledge base when it comes to anti aging skin care. She knows exactly how to improve skin texture, appearance and bring back your youthful glow.

In this episode, Dory shares tips on how to take care of your skin at home and as a result you’ll be amazed at how small steps can make big changes for your beauty.

Anti aging skin care is very important to Dory, as she found herself with cancer on her face in her 30’s and consequently began a deep dive into the science of anti aging skin care.

Not only was she recovering from cancer, she changed her career path as she approached age 50! I and thrilled to share this powerful story of fortitude and healing with you.

You will also hear her speak to how unconscious habits form how we look and determine how others perceive us. May this conversation awaken you to your personal unconscious patterns and habits so that you can awake to your innate beauty.

Then maybe you will follow with some of Dory’s biohacks and integrate them in to your life as well.

Beauty is an inside-out job. Yes, we have been conditioned to believe that beauty is the color of our skin, hair and the shape of our body, but the truth is you can have all of that, and if empty and living a purposeless life, you will not feel beautiful. At least not for long. In conclusion, it’s time to reveal your radiance! May you enjoy the show.

Key Notes:

[3:01] Dory Johnson Says Hello
[7:35] Changing Careers At Age 49!
[15:57] Stress and Subconscious Effects
[20:40] Your Skin Is A Reflection of Your Inside
[24:00] Feeling Irrelevant As You Age
[28:28] Home Skin Care Tips
[37:20] Dory’s #1 BioHack!
[40:20] Closing

Resources & Links:



If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Brandy Victory you can read her story here.

best homemade mosquito spray

The Best Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Those pesky MOSQUITOES!  You are about to learn how to make the best homemade mosquito repellent so you don't have to deal. Yay!

Not only are they obnoxious, they carry dreaded diseases that wreak havoc on your body.  Diseases transmitted by mosquitos include West Nile Virus, Dengue, malaria, certain types of encephalitis, and at least 19 known disease altogether.

According to Wikipedia, nearly 700 million people get a mosquito borne illness yearly, resulting in over 1 million deaths!

Avoid getting bit by these creatures!

West Nile Virus has recently been found in Boulder County, hence I am sharing the best homemade mosquito repellent recipe so you can protect your family.

Why Avoid Chemical Bug Sprays:

Making the best homemade mosquito repellent allows you to know exactly what is in your bug spray and avoid harmful chemicals like DEET.   DEET has been found to be toxic to the central nervous system, which you likely want to protect, especially considering how prevalent nervous system challenges are these days.  It is getting worse, and you must ask why.

DEET basically inhibits a very important enzyme in your nervous system called acetylcholinesterase (AChE).  This enzyme is found in the synapse of nerve cells and muscle cells. When a signal is passed from nerve to muscle AChE jumps in and breaks down 

A little girl scratches  a mosquito bite

the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, consequently stopping the signal and allowing new neurotransmitters to be rebuilt so that the next message can be received.

AChE has an extremely fast reaction time, breaking up each molecule in about 80 microseconds.  Anything that works that fast has an important job to do! 

Poisons that attack this enzyme paralyzes muscles.  And, combine DEET with other chemicals (often found in combination in conventional bug sprays) and you get an increase in their toxicity!  It is time for a new approach! 

How to Make The Best Homemade Mosquito Repellent:

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (different than lemon eucalyptus oil) is EPA approved as an insect repellent and considered relatively safe, but yet to be well tested on children.  So, on that note, we are going to use a blend of essential oils in this recipe to have the best effectiveness. 

You can use any blend of bug-repelling oils, which I believe a blend of oils is going to give you better protection than a single oil alone. 

If you'd like to see this recipe on action, check out this link to watch me make it on the fly.

Here is a list of potential oils to use:

citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, geranium, peppermint, catnip and cedar. 

Keep in mind not all essential oils are the same!  Recently released a report on their findings of the purity of 33 different essential oils on the market today. They has an independent lab test them to see what was inside each. I think you will be surprised to know the findings! You can check out that article here


1  4 oz amber or dark colored bottle 

50 drops of a blend of essential oils (from the list above)

1 tbsp vodka or rubbing alcohol

2oz witch hazel

2oz filtered, spring or distilled water

1 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional. Helps stabilize spray)


Put all essential oils and alcohol (or vodka) in glass jar and shake well to combine. Add witch hazel and shake well again. Add vegetable glycerin (if using), shake vigorously, then lastly add water and shake well again. 


Shake vigorously before each use. Naturally separates. Spray on every few hours for best protection. 

When using on children, spray on clothing rather than directly on skin.

Use precaution when using any products on skin as they may cause adverse reactions. 

You may want to make 3-4 bottles at one time so that you can store them in various places. I like to keep one near the front door and in our camping gear. 

Other Natural Bug Spray Options:

If you don't want to make your own, opt for one of the more natural options. There are several on the market today that are decent.  Here are a few to consider:

Alba Botanica Anti-Bug Spray

Buzz Away Extreme

Badger Anti-Bug

May your summer be bug free!

Wanna stay balanced through the fall and winter seasons?  Check out the retreat I am hosting in October! It is called Balance, Boundaries & Letting Go ~ A Powerful Retreat To Soothe Your Soul.

Trauma Recovery with Molly Douglas

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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Trauma recovery can easily be elusive to women. Molly Douglas brings depth and wisdom to women who are ready to awaken and who are ready for newness in their lives. You don’t have to continue to “deal” with the trauma of the past. Furthermore, Molly shares some unique ways she has found recovery and exactly how she shares this incredible process with other women ready to heal.

Having dealt with sexual abuse and disempowerment on many levels throughout her life, and as a result, Molly figured out how to recover and now uses her skills to teach women how to find their authentic truth and be comfortable in their own skin. The hardest part of trauma recovery may be the ability to trust again and Molly can lead you to a deeper self-trust which reflects into your world and allows you to deeply trust life again.

We discuss everything from trauma, to food, to sex, and to embodying the goddess in your everyday life. This is a really fun conversation and you are sure to enjoy the show!

Through Art Therapy, Breath Work Practices and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Molly guides women on a journey through healing and transformation. I know you will be inspired and empowered!

Key Notes:

[0:40]  Introduction ~ Molly Douglas

[6:52]   How Molly Unstuck Herself From Trauma

[12:26]  Struggling With “I am Enough-ness”

[15:41] Goddesses & The Sacred Feminine

[20:24]  How To Release Resistance to Shadow Work

[30:31]  Raising the Vibration of Sex, Food & Daughters

[46:30]  Connect Back To Your Wounds to Find Your Gifts

[49:12]  Molly’s Greatest Biohack & How She Turns Her Soul On!

[52:00]  Closing & How to Connect with Molly Douglas

Trauma Recovery Resources & Links:

Molly Douglas’ Website

Molly’s FB Group – Lit From Within

If you’d like to dive into clearing your beliefs and creating more balance in your life, you may enjoy the retreat I am offering In October.


Jessie Bauer, Sustainable Health interview

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Sustainable Health with Jessie Bauer!

Approaching your well-being with sustainable health lifestyle practices is best as it supports the natural processes of life and becomes something you can do forever, beyond a fad diet.  Plus, it’s healthy for the planet when you choose to live this way, therefore hugely impacts the wellbeing of our families, communities, and each other.  Your choices create a cycle of upliftment, or detriment, that affects every single being on the planet, depending on how you choose to live.  This is a fun and inspiring interview about sustainable health with Jessie Bauer of Good Farma. She’s a certified Nutrition Specialist and has a deep love for the wellbeing of society as well as mother earth.

Living A Sustainable Health Lifestyle

Jessie tells her story of coming from a time in her life where she pretty much lived on ramen noodles and microwaved food, consequently experiencing a state of disfunction and disharmony in her body, mind and life.  In this interview, she explains how this affected her athleticism as well as her mental mindset.

Jessie has taken steps to regain her health and has learned a lot along the way about how to live a sustainable health lifestyle.   She has since stepped into owning her own business as an entrepreneur and uses her time and expertise to educate others on how to live the healthiest way possible so that we all thrive.

Key Notes:

She’s got some great tips therefore I know you will enjoy the show!

[0:00] Opening & Where we are going

[5:30]  Introduction of Jessie Bauer

[7:35] Why she is a Self-Proclaimed Disruptor

[9:15]  Jessie’s inspiration for getting into the nutrition industry

[31:15]  The Food First Philosophy

[34:45] The Depth of Programming Around Food

[36:25]  You are creating the future with your choices

[53:56]  The future of planet earth is in your hands

[1:06:16]  Closing

Resources & Links:

And if you are ready to ACTIVATE register for your Activation Call!

Ryan West after brain tumor recovery

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Brain Tumor Recovery

Brain Tumor Recovery & Living with Acromegaly with Ryan West

Wow! What an incredible story!

Brain tumor recovery and living with acromegaly is Ryan West’s profound story.  It is one you will not forget and in fact may be the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard.

In this episode he describes exactly what he went through: brain tumor surgery, going to doctors continuously, the deformation of his face and head, the medications he will always have to take, the trials of brain tumor recovery ,and how he keeps himself in tip-top shape.

Ryan is on a mission!  After dealing with a pituitary brain tumor while in the service (thank you Ryan!),  he has taking that drive and determination and put it into helping others along their wellness journey.  He is clearly here as a guide for others suffering with brain tumors as well as other diseases so they too can feel as good as they can and become empowered in their own lives.

You will enjoy hearing Ryan speak about his brain tumor recovery with such strength.  It is this kind of power that is his key to recovery and living an optimized life.

Since recovering from a brain tumor, Ryan has developed an app to help others wanting to live healthier lives.  It is called the Resistance Assistance App and it is designed for anyone who wants to have ease in getting their exercise in with resistance bands!

This can be done quickly at home or even if you are traveling since resistance bands are easy to pack and carry. You don’t have to be recovering from brain cancer to use this app, and it is designed to not be overwhelming to people just starting out.  I hope you try it out!

Resources & Links:

Revealing Healing Podcast 

Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App

Key Notes:

[0:00]   Introduction

[4:01]   Why I am sharing Ryan’s story

[7:12]    Ryan’s brain cancer recovery and living with acromegaly

[26:47]  The function of your pituitary gland

[29:42]  Inspiration for those on medication

[33:10]  Finding his way out of hell to success

[46:20]  More about the Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App!

[51:35]   Closing

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Brandy check out her story here.

keto chocolate recipe in molds

Keto Chocolate Recipe

WARNING! You may hate me after this.  Once you try this AMAZINGNESS  you will never want to be without it. You may not even be keto, but this Keto Chocolate Recipe will knock your Socks OFF! Uh Oh!

And trust me... I KNOW CHOCOLATE!  It happens to be one of my favorite things in life, and since I am also very conscious about putting sugar and artificial ingredients in my body I had no choice but to come up with a keto chocolate recipe that rocks!

And you, my friend, have just become privy to this phenomenal chocolate I make every week!  SERIOUSLY.

Now being that chocolate is such a major part of my life, I have tried many different recipes out there and finally came up with one that fits my needs perfectly.  I mean really ~ chocolate needs to be chocolatey (obviously!), Oh-So-Smooth, and capable of melting on my tongue with perfect intensity.  

So Here You Go!

And by the way, if you are still finding yourself needing to ACTIVATE YOURSELF in a bigger way, apply for an Activation Call with me and BUST THROUGH your funk for good!

Dr. Brandy's Keto Chocolate Recipe

First, you want to get a few molds.  If you don't have any, and you can't wait for them to arrive before you break out this spectacular keto chocolate recipe, you can always pour it on a plate in a thin layer and let it set.  Break it up with a butter knife and you are good to go.  No need to wait on chocolate! Heck no!

In reality, this doesn't have to be a keto recipe, but if you are keto it certainly can be!  The keto version is much richer, of course, but still really enjoyable.  Plus, you can add bee pollen or large sea salt flakes to the top and you'll never look back at another chocolate again!


100gm cacao butter , melted 

25gm coconut butter, melted and stirred 

3/4 cup (60gm) raw cacao powder 

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp sea salt

Optional (non-keto) Style: 

1/8 - 1/4 cup maple syrup  or raw honey


Cacao nibs

Large flake sea salt

Bee pollen 

Unsweetened coconut flakes


Melt cacao butter and coconut butter at around 40-45°C (104-113°F) on a double boiler. Once melted completely, stir in vanilla, sea salt and raw cacao powder.  KEEP STIRRING.

Turn off heat and take top pan (with chocolate in it) off the bottom pan (with water in it) and continue to stir. until it begins to cool.  If you want to be precise I usually let mine cool to about 31°C (88°F), however, I have recently rushed it and poured the hot chocolate into the molds and threw them in the refrigerator and it came out just a good as ever.  

Just be mindful that you are not putting something too hot in a silicone or plastic mold.  There are nasty chemicals that can leach out of those things and that would defeat the purpose of you making the healthiest chocolate in the universe.

Once your keto chocolate recipe has cooled a bit, pour it into the molds and sprinkle your topping of choice.  I personally LOVE the large sea salt flakes and cacao nibs together!  Bee pollen is another fav, so I usually make a mold of each.  

Put in the refrigerator to set. It only takes about an hour, but if you can't wait that long be sure to leave some in the pan to sample!

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Ali Kole & Jennifer Ellsworth-Bell ~ Reclaim Your Feminine Wholeness

A Sensuality Conversation To Up-Level Your Life

This is a fascinating conversation with Jennifer Ellsworth-Bell and Ali Kegley Kole with Sensually Embodied Dance.  This conversation is all about Turning Yourself On!  And from a rich, deep place within, so that you too can know that you have so much power within you to feel alive as a women and to enliven all of your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

You will hear Dr. Brandy’s unfoldment from disconnection to re-connection.

S-Factor Website

10-Day Group Transformation Program

[0:00]  Creating More Magnetism In Your Life

[2:08]  The 10-Day Transformation Program

[3:05]  Introduction of Ali Kole & Jennifer Ellingsworth-Bell

[4:03]  My Path to Church & Therapy All At The Same Time

[4:55]  Jennifer Bell’s Transition from Prosecution & Panic Attacks to Connection to Herself

[7:55]  Ali Kole’s Deep Gratitude for What Sensually Embodied Dance Brings to Life

[9:01] Ali’s Transition from Student to Sensually Embodied DanceTeacher

[12:45]  Returning to The Essential Feminine Genius & Power  Inherit Within

[16:00]  What Does Your Erotic Body Love?

Empowering Your Life with Words

In this episode of Turn Your Soul On! Radio, Dr. Brandy lays it down and highlights the truth about the power of each and every word you speak as well as how every sound you make may contribute to your success or failure.

Are you wearing shirts with sayings? Dr. Brandy shares her perspective on what this may mean for your life.

Turn Your Soul On! Radio Station

Turn Your Soul On! FB Group

Dr. Brandy's YouTube Channel

0:00  introduction

2:25   How I am peeling back the layers of the "I'm not good enough" story

5:30  The power of sound

8:15  Donald Trump & how this "sound" conversation started

14:50  Becoming aware of what you say to yourself

16:44  T-shirt sayings and how it impacts your life

20:15  The violation of our burglary and becoming an alcoholic

Turn Yourself ON! the Woman's Guide to Living Life On Fire!

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