Beth Kearns, Allowing The Guidance ~ Ambition & Grace Interview Series #31

Following The Whisper of Grace…

Beth Kearns shares with you how she received her message to become an acupuncturist after working in unfulfilling jobs. She teaches at the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture and brings forth a very beautiful essence in the world of healing.  This woman works magic and shines a light of radiance that you will love.

The Breakdown:

[0:00]   Creating Greater Intimacy Within Yourself

[0:13]   Introduction to Beth’s Work

[0:55]  Intention of Ambition & Grace Series

[2:36]  Turn Your Soul On! Radio Introduction

[3:05]   About Beth Kearns

[3:50]   My Personal Experience with Beth’s Work

[6:21]   Beth on Presence 

[6:54]   Beth’s Path Into Acupuncture

[13:07]  Surrendering To Your YES

[14:54]  Importance of 5 Elements Acupuncture

[17:54]  Imbalances In Nature 

[19:45]  The Energetic & Spiritual Balancing Effect 

[21:45]  The Process 

[25:10]  With Whom Beth Enjoys Working

[26:30]  Empowerment Through Acupuncture

[30:29]  Freedom From Anxiety

[34:30]  Find Beth Here!

[34:55]  A Special Gift For You!

[35:34]  What Beth Does to Turn Her Soul On!

[37:10]  Closing


Beth Kearns Acupuncture

Beth Kearns FB Page

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