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Anti Aging Skin Care with Dory Johnson

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Dory Johnson, my personal esthetician, has beautiful skin and an incredible knowledge base when it comes to anti aging skin care. She knows exactly how to improve skin texture, appearance and bring back your youthful glow.

In this episode, Dory shares tips on how to take care of your skin at home and as a result you’ll be amazed at how small steps can make big changes for your beauty.

Anti aging skin care is very important to Dory, as she found herself with cancer on her face in her 30’s and consequently began a deep dive into the science of anti aging skin care.

Not only was she recovering from cancer, she changed her career path as she approached age 50! I and thrilled to share this powerful story of fortitude and healing with you.

You will also hear her speak to how unconscious habits form how we look and determine how others perceive us. May this conversation awaken you to your personal unconscious patterns and habits so that you can awake to your innate beauty.

Then maybe you will follow with some of Dory’s biohacks and integrate them in to your life as well.

Beauty is an inside-out job. Yes, we have been conditioned to believe that beauty is the color of our skin, hair and the shape of our body, but the truth is you can have all of that, and if empty and living a purposeless life, you will not feel beautiful. At least not for long. In conclusion, it’s time to reveal your radiance! May you enjoy the show.

Key Notes:

[3:01] Dory Johnson Says Hello
[7:35] Changing Careers At Age 49!
[15:57] Stress and Subconscious Effects
[20:40] Your Skin Is A Reflection of Your Inside
[24:00] Feeling Irrelevant As You Age
[28:28] Home Skin Care Tips
[37:20] Dory’s #1 BioHack!
[40:20] Closing

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