Ambition & Grace Session ~ Ali Kole & Jennifer Ellsworth-Bell ~ Reclaim Your Feminine Wholeness

A Sensuality Conversation To Up-Level Your Life

This is a fascinating conversation with Jennifer Ellsworth-Bell and Ali Kegley Kole with Sensually Embodied Dance.  This conversation is all about Turning Yourself On!  And from a rich, deep place within, so that you too can know that you have so much power within you to feel alive as a women and to enliven all of your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

You will hear Dr. Brandy’s unfoldment from disconnection to re-connection.

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10-Day Group Transformation Program

[0:00]  Creating More Magnetism In Your Life

[2:08]  The 10-Day Transformation Program

[3:05]  Introduction of Ali Kole & Jennifer Ellingsworth-Bell

[4:03]  My Path to Church & Therapy All At The Same Time

[4:55]  Jennifer Bell’s Transition from Prosecution & Panic Attacks to Connection to Herself

[7:55]  Ali Kole’s Deep Gratitude for What Sensually Embodied Dance Brings to Life

[9:01] Ali’s Transition from Student to Sensually Embodied DanceTeacher

[12:45]  Returning to The Essential Feminine Genius & Power  Inherit Within

[16:00]  What Does Your Erotic Body Love?

About the Author DrBrandy

Dr. Brandy helps women optimize their lives and and step into their greatness by embracing their feminine warrior. Utilizing feminine empowerment coaching, functional medicine and shamanistic healing principles, she affects change in body, mind and spirit. She teaches from experience, having been 12 sizes bigger, recovered from Bi-Polar Manic Depression, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Brandy's Story

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