Ryan West after brain tumor recovery

Ambition & Grace Session ~ Brain Tumor Recovery

Brain Tumor Recovery & Living with Acromegaly with Ryan West

Wow! What an incredible story!

Brain tumor recovery and living with acromegaly is Ryan West’s profound story.  It is one you will not forget and in fact may be the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard.

In this episode he describes exactly what he went through: brain tumor surgery, going to doctors continuously, the deformation of his face and head, the medications he will always have to take, the trials of brain tumor recovery ,and how he keeps himself in tip-top shape.

Ryan is on a mission!  After dealing with a pituitary brain tumor while in the service (thank you Ryan!),  he has taking that drive and determination and put it into helping others along their wellness journey.  He is clearly here as a guide for others suffering with brain tumors as well as other diseases so they too can feel as good as they can and become empowered in their own lives.

You will enjoy hearing Ryan speak about his brain tumor recovery with such strength.  It is this kind of power that is his key to recovery and living an optimized life.

Since recovering from a brain tumor, Ryan has developed an app to help others wanting to live healthier lives.  It is called the Resistance Assistance App and it is designed for anyone who wants to have ease in getting their exercise in with resistance bands!

This can be done quickly at home or even if you are traveling since resistance bands are easy to pack and carry. You don’t have to be recovering from brain cancer to use this app, and it is designed to not be overwhelming to people just starting out.  I hope you try it out!

Resources & Links:


Revealing Healing Podcast 

Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App

Key Notes:

[0:00]   Introduction

[4:01]   Why I am sharing Ryan’s story

[7:12]    Ryan’s brain cancer recovery and living with acromegaly

[26:47]  The function of your pituitary gland

[29:42]  Inspiration for those on medication

[33:10]  Finding his way out of hell to success

[46:20]  More about the Resistance Assistance Fitness Made Easy App!

[51:35]   Closing

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