Are You Ready To

If you're ready to SHIFT stuck-ness into inspiration...

If you want to STOP living depleted and find your juice again...

If your blocks are holding you back
and you want to be held through your RELEASE,
Apply Now to Turn On, Fire Up and Get Your Groove On Girl!

I get what it feels like to find yourself in a rut, going through the motions, 

Knowing you need a change but unclear of what that is, much less how to get there.  

That's when I hired my first coach.

I'm Dr. Brandy Victory and it's my passion to help women discover their true path and uncover the avenue to get there. 

What was once your purpose and passion can pass away as you change and grow, leading to feelings of un-fulfillment and dissatisfaction.  

I hear from my ladies so often how what once fed them is no longer doing it for them, yet they don't know how to unravel it and get clear on what they're to do next.

If this is you, an Activation Call may be...

just what the doctor ordered.

Now I have to ask...

What's Stopping You?

Do you continue to hold yourself back, fear what you may have to do, or can't do, to get yourself in a more juicy expression on life?   STOP & STEP UP.

Activation Call Details...

This is a 2-hour get-down-and-dirty clarify-your-path and initiate an action step

 towards your freedom and passion intuitive coaching session.  

You will walk away at a whole new level and deep inspiration 

to begin your new journey with more confidence and excitement.

What It Includes...

* 2-hour packed with diving deep into what turns you on.

*  Developing a strategy together to get you living in that place with ease.

* Discovering how to enhance your environment so your supported in your manifestation.

* Subconscious beliefs clearing exercises so manifesting your desire becomes easy.

* Shamanic healing techniques to help you release the energetic binds holding you back.

* Upleveling your vibration so your action steps towards freedom become who you are.

If you are ready to Activate Yourself...

Fill out this quick application to see if you are a good fit for the Activation Call and to schedule a quick conversation so you can learn if it is right for you.