10-Day Group Transformation Program!

Are You Ready to Feel FABULOUS?  

To Feel Sexier, Happier, More Successful and maybe Lose A Few Pounds too?

Would you like to Rev Your Metabolism, and Jump Start Your Summer the most healthy way possible?

Would you like to be Guided by a Doctor & be supported by a group o fAWESOME women?


Join Us On A 10-Day Transformation Program!

You Can Do ANYTHING for 10-Days…

Begins Sunday, June 2, 2019

*Register by Weds, May 22nd to get your kit!

What's A 10-Day GroupTransformation All About? 

A 10-Day Transformation Program is an Interactive Workshop AND a 10-Day Vacation from processed foods! 

It's an opportunity to FEED YOUR BODY Nutrient-Dense, Organic, non-GMO Superfoods so you can become healthier and lose excess weight. Yep, that’s right ~ You Get To Eat!

Most people lose between 5-20 Pounds, Eliminate Cravings, Break Addictions to Food, Reset Their Metabolism, and Have More Energy ~ All In 10 Days!
I have done this many times and my cravings are eliminated effortlessly!

What's Involved?

45-minutes Daily Group Video Conferences Guided Dr. Brandy Victory and each Interactive Workshop Call will focus on:

  • How to Cleanse in the Most Healthy Way During the Spring Season
  • Experience Guided Meditations for Metabolic Reset & Chakra Clearing
  • Receive Daily Rituals to enhance your sensuality and focus
  • Learn Sensual Empowerment Exercises 
  • Receive 1 Personal Coaching Call with Dr. Brandy
  • Receive 2 Nutrition Analysis Graphs to see how your organ systems improve in just 10 days!
  • Get All of Your Questions Answered By a knowledgable doctor who understand the challenges of cleansing and what it takes to Live YOUR Best Life.
    • Have Access to our community Face Book Page for Deeper Support & Enjoy A Community of People Creating Greater Health In Their Lives!  You will also learn how to Take Your Progress into Your Lifestyle so that You Never Have To Yo-Yo Again!
  • You will also receive a 10-Day Transformation Kit that includes all of your Super Foods and basically replaces your groceries.
  • Since you won’t be buying Starbuck’s, wine and other processed foods, this is not a financial decision, but a decision of whether or not you are really ready for true change.

What's The Cost?

Being that you are getting high-level coaching by a doctor who is on your side, the value you are receiving in this program is actually priceless!

The 10-Day Transformation Program (kit included) 

is only $399!

Most people spend about $25/day on food and drinks, so why not splurge on your health this time!  You are worth it!

Are You Ready?

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