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To close the gap between your challenges and your potential to heal.

To love your body, trust your intuition, and

live an inspired, vital life.

 To understand your truth, your depth, and know yourself as an infinite creator.

To live in alignment with your soul and

Turn Yourself ON!

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Healing is your birthright.

Whether you are dealing with Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Auto-Immune Challenges, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, or something else, there is a way out.

No longer is "suppressing symptoms" working.  You're stepping into a new paradigm ~ You must empower your own healing by tapping your true potency.  This happens from within. This is the essence of Mind-Body Medicine. This is the payoff of embracing your authentic truth and feminine power.  

This is the Power that is You.

I'm Dr. Brandy...

I help women optimize their lives and step into authentic power, to experience life as a creative expression of their hearts.  No longer do you have to "live with it".  You have the right and power to enhance your vitality, ignite your passion, live with rich vibrancy, and activate your life. 

I assist women in releasing subconscious blocks through neuro-emotional clearing.  We reset the nervous system and patterns in your energetics and body, using shamanistic healing principles and energy medicine.  Transformational coaching gives you the tools you need to activate your life.

You are spiritual being in a physical body, and it's important to support the physical body too.  My physical approach includes nutritional evaluation, blood work, Hair Mineral Analysis Test, hormonal testing, and prescribing specific nutritional protocols to nourish your body back to health.

Work With Me...

You are ready, you inspired woman.  You have a tingling inside you, maybe even a little flutter in your belly as you read this now, because YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE.  You. Are. Ready. You just need someone to hold your hand and give you the push you need to reach your new paradigm.  Stop letting fear get in your way and say YES!

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Itan Mushik, CA


Upon working with Dr. Brandy, right away I was amazed at the immediate positive results!  Dr. Brandy removed age-old, subconscious blocks allowing my mood and outlook immediately became more positive, monthly migraines disappeared, and my hormones balanced out.  In addition, many issues I thought I had resolved in therapy were leafed beyond what I had imagined possible, bringing more peace and optimism into my life.  Even more, I gained clarity and courage that allowed me to make healthy and necessary life changes for even bigger shifts.   My life is amazing now!  I am enjoying my new-found center and self-esteem.   My career is now my life’s passion, and my relationships are turning around for the better.  Dr. Brandy’s knowledge of the body coupled with her shamanistic practice made my sessions safe, grounded, and wisdom-driven.  I look forward to the continued healing and increased quality of life I will experience as I continue my work with Dr. Brandy.